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  • Ruby >= 1.9
  • ruby-sqlite3 >= 1.3
  • xmpp4r == 0.5.6
  • tdlib-ruby == 2.0 with pre-compiled

(there is pre-compiled for Debian Stretch x64 in repository)


First of all, you need to create component listener on your Jabber server. For example, for ejabberd:

module: ejabberd_service  
access: all  
shaper_rule: fast  
ip: ""  
service_check_from: false  
		password: "secret"

Next, move config.yml.example to and config.yml and edit xmpp section to match component listener:

db_path: 'users.db'  
jid: ''  
host: 'localhost'  
port: 8888  
secret: 'secret'  
loglevel: 0   

If neccessary, edit telegram section too.