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annelin 88c7eb09da Release 1.0-beta1. Some more tests and here we go..
Warning! It is beta software and it has not been tested thoroughly.

[UPD] Code restructurization. Removed unneccessary XMPPSession class.
[UPD] Recuded memory consumption.
[UPD] Seems like memory leaks fixed too, need test a bit longer
[UPD] Now running in forever-loop, use double Ctrl+C to quit
[ADD] Admin commands /sessions, /debug and /restart
[ADD] New config parameters: xmpp->debug to print XML stream and xmpp->admins[] to give access to above mentioned /commands
[ADD] We can now use memory profiler to get detailed memory usage information: run application with --profiler key (and also gem install memprof2) (yes, fucking leaks...)
[FIX] Fixed secret chat closing (I hope so...)
2019-05-04 23:17:29 +03:00

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api_id: '845316' # telegram API ID ( #
api_hash: '27fe5224bc822bf3a45e015b4f9dfdb7' # telegram API HASH ( #
verbosity: 2 # 1 = no verbosity, 2 = moderate verbosity, 3 = network requests debug
useragent: 'Zhabogram XMPP Gateway' # client name
version: '1.0' # client version
use_test_dc: false # always use false
loglevel: 0 # 0 = debug, 1 = info, 2 = warn, 3 = err, 4 = fatal, 5 = unknown (ruby logger class)
content_path: '/var/zhabogram/content' # we will move (symlink) downloaded content here — you must setup web server that serve this directry
content_link: 'https://tlgrm.localhost/content' # web server that serve `content_path` internet address
content_upload_prefix: 'https://xmppfiles.localhost/upload' # we will send files with URL starting with this string as document to Telegram (mod_http_upload get_url, see readme)
debug: false
- 'root@localhost'
db_path: 'users.db' # sqlite3 users (JID:Telegram Login) database
jid: 'tlgrm.localhost' # component JID
host: 'localhost' # XMPP server
port: 8888 # component port
password: 'secret' # component auth secret
loglevel: 0 # 0 = debug, 1 = info, 2 = warn, 3 = err, 4 = fatal, 5 = unknown (ruby logger class)