Added /ttl command to set messages time-to-live in secret chats

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annelin 2020-09-26 11:13:58 +03:00
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commit f7d24ad6cf

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@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ HELP_CHAT_CMD= %q{Available commands:
/promote id or @username — promote user to admin in current chat
/leave — leave current chat
/leave! — leave current chat (for owners)
/ttl — set secret chat messages TTL before self-destroying (in seconds)
/close — close current secret chat
/delete — delete current chat from chat list
/members [query] — search members [by optional query] in current chat (requires admin rights)
@ -325,6 +326,7 @@ class TelegramClient
when '/promote' then @telegram.set_chat_member_status(, self.get_contact(args[0]), args[0].to_s, **PERMISSIONS[:admin])) # promote @username to admin
when '/leave' then @telegram.leave_chat({@xmpp.send_presence(@jid,, :unsubscribed)} # leave current chat
when '/leave!' then @telegram.delete_supergroup(chat.type.supergroup_id).then{@xmpp.send_presence(@jid,, :unsubscribed)}.rescue{|e| puts e.to_s} # leave current chat (for owners)
when '/ttl' then @telegram.send_chat_set_ttl_message(chat.type.secret_chat_id, args[0].to_i) # close secret chat
when '/close' then @telegram.close_secret_chat(chat.type.secret_chat_id).then{@xmpp.send_presence(@jid,, :unsubscribed)} # close secret chat
when '/delete' then @telegram.delete_chat_history(, true, true).then{@xmpp.send_presence(@jid,, :unsubscribed)} # delete current chat
when '/search' then @telegram.get_messages(, self.get_lastmessages(, args[0], 0, args[1]||100).map(&:id)).value.messages.reverse.each{|msg| @xmpp.send_message(@jid,, self.format_message(,msg,false))} # message search