Release 1.0-beta4

[UPD] Slightly changed logging behaviour, now only message events will appear in Logger::INFO level
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annelin 2019-05-05 04:09:08 +03:00
parent 13cc5331e6
commit d83c24da76

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@ -139,15 +139,16 @@ class XMPPComponent
# new message to XMPP component #
def message_handler(msg)
return if msg.type == :error 'Received message from <%s> to <%s>' % [msg.from,] 'Received message from <%s> to <%s>' % [msg.from.to_s,]
@logger.debug msg.to_s
if == @@transport.jid then self.process_command(msg.from, msg.first_element_text('body') ); return; end # treat message as internal command if received as transport jid
if @sessions.key? msg.from.bare.to_s then self.request_tz(msg.from) if not @sessions[msg.from.bare.to_s].tz_set?; @sessions[msg.from.bare.to_s].process_outgoing_msg('@')[0].to_i, msg.first_element_text('body')); return; end #if @sessions.key? msg.from.bare.to_s and @sessions[msg.from.bare.to_s].online? # queue message for processing session is active for jid from
# new presence to XMPP component #
def presence_handler(prsnc) "New presence received"
@logger.debug "Received presence :%s from <%s> to <%s>" % [prsnc.type.to_s, prsnc.from.to_s,]
if prsnc.type == :subscribe then reply = prsnc.answer(false); reply.type = :subscribed; @@transport.send(reply); end # send "subscribed" reply to "subscribe" presence
if == @@transport.jid and @sessions.key? prsnc.from.bare.to_s and prsnc.type == :unavailable then @sessions[prsnc.from.bare.to_s].disconnect(); return; end # go offline when received offline presence from jabber user
if == @@transport.jid and @sessions.key? prsnc.from.bare.to_s then self.request_tz(prsnc.from); @sessions[prsnc.from.bare.to_s].connect(); return; end # connect if we have session
@ -155,12 +156,12 @@ class XMPPComponent
# new iq (vcard/tz) request to XMPP component #
def iq_handler(iq) "New iq received"
@logger.debug "Received iq :%s from <%s> to <%s>" % [iq.type.to_s, iq.from.to_s,]
# vcard request #
if iq.type == :get and iq.vcard and @sessions.key? iq.from.bare.to_s then "Got VCard request"
@logger.debug "VCard request for <%s>" %
fn, nickname, given, family, phone, desc, photo = @sessions[iq.from.bare.to_s].get_contact_info('@')[0].to_i)
vcard =
vcard["FN"] = fn
@ -179,10 +180,11 @@ class XMPPComponent
# time response #
elsif iq.type == :result and iq.elements["time"] and @sessions.key? iq.from.bare.to_s then "Got Timezone response"
@logger.debug "Timezone response from <%s>" % iq.from.to_s
timezone = iq.elements["time"].elements["tzo"].text
@sessions[iq.from.bare.to_s].timezone = timezone
elsif iq.type == :get then
@logger.debug "Unknown iq type <%s>" % iq.from.to_s
reply = iq.answer
reply.type = :error