Version 2.2.8

[FIX] Better support on multiple Jabber resources
[FIX] Fixed unavailable presences from your contacts while shutdown process
[NEW] Config option `keeponline` to always keep Telegram session online (..and rely on XMPP offline messages)
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annelin 2020-03-09 09:04:24 +02:00
parent 5014133cc0
commit cb62c63771

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@ -8,8 +8,10 @@ HELP_GATE_CMD = %q{Available commands:
/setbio — update about
/setpassword [old] [new] — set or remove password
/config [param] [value] — view or update configuration options
Configuration options
timezone 00:00 adjust timezone for Telegram user statuses
timezone <timezone> adjust timezone for Telegram user statuses (example: +02:00)
keeponline <bool> always keep telegram session online and rely on jabber offline messages (example: true)
HELP_CHAT_CMD= %q{Available commands:
@ -52,13 +54,14 @@ class TelegramClient
@xmpp = xmpp
@jid = jid
@session = session
@resources =
@cache = {chats: {nil => []}, users: {}}
@resources = []
self.connect() if @session[:keeponline] == 'true'
## connect telegram client
def connect(resource=nil)
return self.refresh(resource) if # already connected
return self.roster(resource) if # already connected
@logger.warn 'Connecting to Telegram network..'
@telegram = 'sessions/' + @jid, files_directory: 'sessions/' + @jid + '/files/')
@telegram.on(TD::Types::Update::AuthorizationState) do |u| @logger.debug(u); self.update_authorizationstate(u) end
@ -69,35 +72,32 @@ class TelegramClient
@telegram.on(TD::Types::Update::MessageContent) do |u| @logger.debug(u); self.update_messagecontent(u) end
@telegram.on(TD::Types::Update::DeleteMessages) do |u| @logger.debug(u); self.update_deletemessages(u) end
@telegram.on(TD::Types::Update::File) do |u| @logger.debug(u); self.update_file(u) end
@resources << resource
## disconnect telegram client
def disconnect(resource=nil)
@resources.delete resource
return if @resources.count > 0 or not
def disconnect(resource=nil, quit=false)
return unless (@resources.empty? && @session[:keeponline] != 'true') || quit
@logger.warn 'Disconnecting from Telegram network..'
@cache[:chats].each_key do |chat| @xmpp.send_presence(@jid, chat, :unavailable) end # we're offline (unsubscribe if logout)
@telegram.dispose() if
@telegram = nil
@cache[:chats].each_key do |chat| @xmpp.send_presence(@jid, chat, :unavailable) end
## refresh roster
def refresh(resource=nil)
return if @resources.include? resource
@logger.warn 'Refreshing roster for resource %s' % resource
@cache[:chats].each_key do |chat| self.process_status_update(chat) if chat; end
## resend statuses to (to another resource for example)
def roster(resource=nil)
return if @resources.include? resource # we know it
@logger.warn 'Sending roster for %s' % resource
@cache[:chats].each_key do |chat| self.process_status_update(chat) end
@xmpp.send_presence(@jid, nil, nil, nil, "Logged in as: %s" % @session[:login])
@resources << resource
## online?
def online?
@telegram and @telegram.alive?
def authorized?
@telegram and @telegram.alive and @state == TD::Types::AuthorizationState::Ready
@telegram and @telegram.alive?
@ -124,9 +124,9 @@ class TelegramClient
@logger.warn 'Authorization successful!'
@telegram.get_me.then{|me| @me = me}.wait
@xmpp.send_presence(@jid, nil, nil, nil, "Logged in %s" % @session[:login])
@xmpp.send_presence(@jid, nil, :subscribe, nil, nil)
@xmpp.send_presence(@jid, nil, :subscribed, nil, nil)
@xmpp.send_presence(@jid, nil, nil, nil, "Logged in as: %s" % @session[:login])
@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ class TelegramClient
## get user and chat information from cache (or try to retrieve it, if missing)
def get_contact(id)
return unless # we're offline.
return unless && id # we're offline.
@telegram.search_public_chat(id).then{|chat| id = }.wait if id[0] == '@'
@telegram.get_user(id).wait if not @cache[:users][id] and (id>0)
@telegram.get_chat(id).wait if not @cache[:chats][id]